Thank You, Layered Tech!

LayeredTech logoLayered Tech, one of the companies that provides hosting for, signed on as a platinum sponsor to show their support for WordPress and the WordPress community. Located in Texas, the same state in which WordPress was born, Layered Tech helps thousands of businesses with hosted infrastructure in secure, top-tier data centers. The official spiel, since I’m not all that technical: “By providing high-quality technology, infrastructure and relentless support, Layered Tech enables its customers to reduce capital expenses, save on operating costs and focus on their core business issues. From advanced virtualization and cloud computing to managed dedicated servers, Layered Tech delivers superior hosting value so you can manage your success.”

Also? I think they’re going to raffle off an iPad at the afterparty. :)

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Thanks, Adobe!

Adobe logoWe love free/open source software, but let’s face it, almost all of use some proprietary software. The designers behind WordPress, like many designers, frequently use Photoshop and Illustrator, so when Adobe stepped up to become a silver sponsor, we were pretty excited. Add to that the fact that the new Dreamweaver CS5 has WordPress support, and it’s a natural alliance. What do we mean by WordPress support in CS5? There’s a new code hinting feature that will suggest WordPress code/tags/hooks to save you the trouble of looking them up in the Codex, and it also uses proper syntax for custom PHP5 functions (especially handy for those plugin developers who are pushing the envelope and writing PHP5-only plugins). Granted, we’re not using Dreamweaver to write WordPress core code, but for new theme and plugin developers, it will provide a great tool to get started with WordPress development. So thanks, Adobe, for sponsoring WordCamp SF, and for supporting WordPress in CS5!

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Thank You, Voce

voce The team at Voce builds industrial strength WordPress sites. They’ve pushed the state of the art in custom WordPress development and we’re happy to welcome them as a Silver sponsor for this year’s WordCamp SF. The folks at Voce helped organize WordCamp Orlando in December 2009, and they’ve also contributed several WordPress plugins, including CMS Press, Image Rotator, and Author Comment Replies. Voce is one of the top web development teams for people who need WordPress expertise across content management, user interface design and information architecture, the whole nine yards for building a professional WordPress site. Thanks Voce for your sponsorship of WordCamp SF!

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Thank You, Microsoft

microsoft I first met some of the folks behind Microsoft’s participation at WordCamp last October in New York City for WordCamp NYC. Microsoft has been super supportive of WordPress in general and WordCamps in particular, and we’re happy they’ve chosen to sponsor WordCamp SF at our top tier, the “Bling Bling” level. Between things like the WordPress accelerator for IE8, built-in support for publishing to WordPress in Windows Live Writer, backing PHP on Windows and sponsoring numerous WordCamps, Microsoft has been a good friend to the WordPress community. Thanks, Microsoft!

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Thanks,! logoThe very first person who said he wanted to sponsor WordCamp SF this year was Josh Strebel of I met him at WordCamp Boston when we were on a panel together, and then met his wife and business partner Sally Strebel at South by Southwest, where she helped out at the WordPress BBQ event. Unlike our other hosting sponsors, only hosts WordPress sites, and they have partnerships with a number of commercially supported themes and plugins to make it easy to have a fully customized site. Coming in as a silver sponsor, has some groovy stickers that you’ll find in your shwag bag, and I would not be surprised if they wind up surreptitiously handing out some t-shirts to enthusiastic attendees. They even bought a couple of extra tickets to give away to their customers. That’s loyalty. Thanks,!

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Thanks, Mojofiti!

I first heard about Mojofiti when they decided to sponsor WordCamp NYC in 2009. I hadn’t heard of their platform before (still beta at that point, I think?), focused on translation and running on BuddyPress, but I was definitely intrigued. In the 6 months since then, Mojofiti has grown and we’re very pleased they decided shortly after we announced the event to come on as a gold sponsor for WordCamp SF this year. We have attendees flying in from all over the world, and internationalization is a topic on many people’s minds in the WordPress community.  From the description we posted on the Sponsors page:

Mojofiti is currently collaborating with open source developers, users, companies and hundreds of translators to develop real-time language-enabled solutions that can be used across multiple communication mediums. is an open source-based publishing and networking platform where people publish, share and interact with each other in their native local languages while reaching out to the world in 27 other languages through Google’s machine dictionaries. uses a combination of WordPress, BuddyPress and proprietary technologies augmented by Google machine translations to allow users to translate content from their WordPress blogs instantly for viewing in their visitors’ native languages.

Thank you, Mojofiti, for your generous sponsorship of WordCamp San Francisco 2010. We hope you have a great time on Saturday!

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The Future of WordPress

Hey there. I’m one of the speakers you’ll see bright and early on Saturday.  The cruel taskmasters running the show (Hi Jane & Doug!) said they wouldn’t feed me or give me my payment of alcoholic beverages unless I posted something here. Turns out I like food. And beer. So here we are.

It’s honestly a privilege to speak at WordCamp SF. I’ve been a WordPress user since 2003, I recently hit my 1000th post, and it’s one of my favorite pieces of software of all time. I’ve told all the Automattic folks I’ve met given how much history of software I know, they’ve got something great and should be proud for many reasons.

I’ll be talking about The Future of WordPress, a subject Matt himself suggested.  Given how much more he, and everyone at Automattic, has to do with the future of WordPress than I do, I find this endlessly entertaining. It’s sort of like U2 asking a random fan what their next album should be about.

As insurance against shooting myself in the foot with the tactical nuclear missile that is this topic , I’ve been asking everyone I know who uses WP for their thoughts and they’ve chimed in. And although it’s only a few days away, you’re welcome to add your thoughts, and help influence what I say.

Definitely say hi if you see me around on Saturday. I’m looking forward to meeting cool folks, sharing mind-blowing ideas, and of course, imbibing my beer bounty at the afterparty Sat night.  See you soon.

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Attention Fashionistas

Have you always wanted to WEAR your WordPress love and show it to the world in style?  Now is your chance!  We will be having our most popular WordPress schwag for sale at WordCamp on May 1st.  There will be some of your old favorites as well as some new, fantastic items.  Look for the WordPress mini-store next Saturday and get your Christmas shopping done early!

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A Week Away!

WordCamp San Francisco is only a week away, yay! Sorry the blog has been low on the posting frequency…we’ve been super busy working to make this the best WordCamp yet. This week will see a flurry of posts about our speakers, their sessions, our generous sponsors, the schedule, extracurricular events, and more, so bookmark us, add us to your Google Reader, grab the feed, whatever: just find a way to stay tuned, because there’s going to be a lot of information coming to this space this week, and you don’t want to miss it!

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Get a Room!

The negotiated Palomar rate has vanished but the Monaco has stepped up and extended the $109 rate until April 23rd!!!!  That is a bargain if I do say so myself.  I might just have to leave Redwood City and move in myself.

Call 415-351-7632 or 1-800-546-7866 and request the WORDCAMP rate!

This rate is available for the nights of April 29th – May 3rd, 2010!

See here for more logistical details.

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