Microsoft at a WordPress Conference, Huh?

Yes, you saw that correctly, Microsoft. You are probably asking yourself right now why Microsoft would be interested in sponsoring a WordCamp. The answer is simple: we <3 WordPress. We talk about it at our events, our blogging tool lets you easily create posts, we make it easy to install, build websites on it, and have built a few plug-ins.  

So as you can imagine, we are excited about being a Bling Bling sponsor for WordCamp San Francisco. We look forward as you do to hearing the latest news regarding WordPress, listening to how folks are using WordPress, and most importantly listening to you to see what we can do to make your lives easier when you use WordPress & Microsoft software.

If you see us at the event sitting next to you or hanging out at the attendee party, please talk to us. We are fans of WordPress like you. Also, we would love to hear from you as to what we can do to make your life easier when working with WordPress & Microsoft and the cool stuff you are doing. We will even buy you a drink if a bar is around for your troubles.

In fact, Friday night we will be having some drinks at the bar at Rickhouse at 7:30pm and will open a tab for WordCamp attendees. Why don’t you come out and hang out with us? It will be totally casual; we ain’t fancy. We’ll also make sure to get you on your way at a decent time so you can enjoy the big line-up on Saturday (and a clear head!). 

See you in San Francisco!

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