Registration is Closed

Advanced registration is now closed. If you did not yet buy a ticket, you will be able to buy a ticket as a walk-in at the event for $60. There are a few people who were having trouble buying a ticket on the site who emailed us over the last couple of weeks. Those people will get an email from me letting them know they can buy a walk-in ticket at the advance rate since it wasn’t their fault they weren’t registered before the deadline.

Walk-in attendees can pay with cash or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express) when they arrive, and will receive a receipt by email, thanks to the nifty Square payments system we’ll be using (more on that later). Walk-ins will only get a shwag bag/t-shirt if we have extras, but in the event we run out we can mail a t-shirt to any walk-ins after the event.

Don’t forget: your name badge will have your gravatar printed on it. Go to the attendees page and find your name. If you have a gray “mystery man” icon next to your name, then you need to get a gravatar or add the email address you used to register for WordCamp to your existing account. If you don’t have a gravatar, don’t worry, you can always draw a picture of yourself on your name badge after you get there tomorrow!

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