May 1: All day at the Mission Bay Conference Center for sessions, followed by an afterparty at the Automattic Lounge at Pier 38.

Time Track 1 Track 2
8 am Registration Opens
9:00 am Scott Berkun
WordPress in 2020
Niall Kennedy
Writing Plugins for n00bs
9:50 am Vanessa Fox
WordPress, Audience Engagement, and SEO
Daniel Cook
Why We Turned Microsoft Office Into a Game
10:30 am Karl Fogel
Bodysurfing the Blogosphere: How an Audience-Distributed Film Won Big
Joseph Scott and Mitcho Erlewine
Writing Secure Plugins and Themes and Abstract Your Code!
11:20 am John Ford
Living with Our Computers… and Keeping it Healthy
Jane Wells
User Experience the WordPress Way
11:45 am Lunch
1:00 pm Matt Mullenweg
State of the Word
2:30 pm Richard Stallman
The Free Software Movement and the GNU/Linux Operating System
Scott Rosenberg
WordPress: A Key Link in Blogging’s Evolutionary Chain
3:40 pm Lightning Sessions
Presenters: Beau Lebens, Yoav Farhi, Stephan Spencer, Allan Cole, Dan Milward, Raphael Mudge, Michael Koening, and Rinat Tuhvatshin
5:00 pm Matt Mullenweg
Goodbye and Closing Remarks
8:00 pm WordPress After Party at the Automattic Lounge

May 2: A developer’s unconference, similar to last year, to be held at the Automattic Lounge at Pier 38.

  • 8am – Women of WordPress coffee meetup, Crossroads CafĂ©
  • 9am-5pm – Developer unconference, Pier 38, Automattic Lounge (note: this will be highly technical content)

May 3: WordPress core code sprint, day 1. A number of WordPress core developers will be working at Pier 38, the Automattic Lounge, from 9am onward to work on patching as many bugs as possible for the 3.0 release. New contributors are welcome, but anyone who comes *must* work on core patches for bugs. This is not a general social event, but a targeted working session. If you have not contributed to WordPress before, prepare yourself by reading up on contributing to WordPress and setting up a development environment before you arrive.

May 4: WordPress core code sprint, day 2. Same as day 1, but we’ll probably call it quits around 6pm.