The Future of WordPress

Hey there. I’m one of the speakers you’ll see bright and early on Saturday.  The cruel taskmasters running the show (Hi Jane & Doug!) said they wouldn’t feed me or give me my payment of alcoholic beverages unless I posted something here. Turns out I like food. And beer. So here we are.

It’s honestly a privilege to speak at WordCamp SF. I’ve been a WordPress user since 2003, I recently hit my 1000th post, and it’s one of my favorite pieces of software of all time. I’ve told all the Automattic folks I’ve met given how much history of software I know, they’ve got something great and should be proud for many reasons.

I’ll be talking about The Future of WordPress, a subject Matt himself suggested.  Given how much more he, and everyone at Automattic, has to do with the future of WordPress than I do, I find this endlessly entertaining. It’s sort of like U2 asking a random fan what their next album should be about.

As insurance against shooting myself in the foot with the tactical nuclear missile that is this topic , I’ve been asking everyone I know who uses WP for their thoughts and they’ve chimed in. And although it’s only a few days away, you’re welcome to add your thoughts, and help influence what I say.

Definitely say hi if you see me around on Saturday. I’m looking forward to meeting cool folks, sharing mind-blowing ideas, and of course, imbibing my beer bounty at the afterparty Sat night.  See you soon.

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