WordPress and blogging: old enough to have a past

Photo of Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg

Scott Berkun is the guy who’s talking first thing in the morning about the future of WordPress. Among many other things, Scott is the author of a great book about how to be a good public speaker. So go to his session, for sure.

I’m the other Scott on this schedule, Scott Rosenberg, and though I have written a couple of books, neither of them is about public speaking.

After you hear Scott #1 talk as well as I know he can about the future of WordPress, listening to me talk about the past of WordPress and blogging may seem a little backwards.

Then again, the reverse chronology does seem somehow fitting.

Blogging really does have a long history now. Too many people think, understandably but regrettably, that blogging began roughly a year before whenever they started their own blogs.

My half-hour talk will be a little bit of a walk down memory lane for those of you who have been around all these years, and, I hope, an informative whirlwind tour for those of you who have not.

Someone once said: “The only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history.” (It was either Hegel or Winston Churchill, according to various Web pages, which means, probably, that neither of them really said it.)

Together, we can refute this paradoxical bon mot! After all, blog software saves and organizes our own past, individually and collectively. Its own story deserves to be told and retold, and even, if we’re that lucky, passed down to future generations.

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